Yass Prize Press Release on 2023 Winner Valiant Cross Academy

Since their inception, Valiant Cross Academy has consistently and unapologetically remained true to their core values and mission to see young men of color succeed in life. As the 2023 Yass Prize Award Winner, Valiant Cross Academy is now one step closer in making their vision for the Montgomery, Alabama area into a nationwide educational model. In a recent press release, the Yass Prize Foundation stated, “Valiant Cross is a beacon of hope for their community. In addition to ensuring the fundamentals are taught, Valiant Cross continuously implements new and innovative approaches, designs, and educational models that can help them better serve students and offers an array of programs to give its students the education and skills needed not to just survive but to thrive in life.”

To read more from the Yass Foundation about their 2023 Yass Prize Winner, Valiant Cross Academy, click here .

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