School Purpose and Mission

The purpose and mission of Valiant Cross Academy is to provide excellent educational experiences for all of its scholars. The founders felt compelled to start this school for males to address some of the clear challenges that plague our city and our nation. They believe with love, discipline, and a dedication to high expectations that all scholars can achieve. To give scholars post-graduate options, the school will place each scholar on a sound academic and vocational track. The vision is to increase the literacy rate, attendance rate, and ultimately the graduation rate of each scholar. The long-term goal is to teach each scholar the skills necessary to become lifelong learners and productive citizens.

Valiant Cross Academy is an all-male school that started its first year, in 2015, with sixth grade and will add one grade per year until it reaches twelfth grade. Currently, Valiant Cross Academy serves 6th-9th grades and 140 scholars. It is predicted that by the year 2021 we will have 210 scholars. Valiant Cross Academy is a private school with a Christian emphasis and an intentional culture of structure and discipline. The school has distinct uniforms, an effective consequence and award system, and an intense focus on the academic success of our scholars. The academic program consists of small class sizes, longer school days, double the math and triple the literacy time, differentiated instruction, Saturday School, aggressive tutoring, a daily after-school program, and a weekly chapel service.

The school’s strengths can be found in the areas of leadership, highly qualified teachers, quality of staff, collaboration of stakeholders, and community support. The curriculum, which is founded on the Alabama Course of Study/College and Career Ready Standards, is also a major strength. The challenging academic classes set high expectations for each of our scholars. Curriculum guides, Personal Learning Plans, Reading Intervention Strategies, extended school days, and benchmark assessments support the implementation of the rigorous and relevant curriculum.

Our Mission

Valiant Cross Academy transcends the challenges facing young African American males in Montgomery, Alabama, by developing men of character through rigorous academics and leadership training.

Our Vision

We envision:

  • A school where all scholars are demonstrating improvement based on regularly reviewed metrics.
  • A school whose scholars set individual goals and are able to map for themselves a path to meet them.
  • A school that has the highest possible quality teachers.
  • A school where scholars are exposed to strong, black male role models.
  • A school whose governance policies set it on a strategic path.

Learn about our Curriculum

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